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Arma Angelus

Arma Angelus

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Arma Angelus was a metalcore band from Chicago. The band broke up in 2002. Members of the band were Peter Wentz (vocals, now bassist in Fall Out Boy), Tim McIlrath (Bass, now lead singer of Rise Against), Jay Jancetic (Guitar, now plays guitar for the Chicago band Holy Roman Empire), Daniel Binaei (Guitarist), Adam Bishop (Guitarist, now an English teacher at Liberty High School in Bakersfield, California), and Timothy Miller (Drums). After Tim quit to form Rise Against, he was replaced in 1999 by Christopher Gutierrez (also known as HeyChris or deadxstop, who is now a published author).

In the last Arma Angelus concert, Patrick Stump played drums, Pete Wentz sang, Joe Trohman played guitar along with Adam Bishop on guitar, and Christopher Gutierrez on bass. All three (Patrick, Pete, & Joe) are now in Fall Out Boy together.


At one of the earlier gigs, a homosexual group who called themselves the Happy Ninjas raided and kept asking for Pete Wentz. Once all parties involved discussed what was supposed to be happening, it was worked out someone had pulled a prank on them all and gave misleading information, and the Happy Ninjas left so Arma Angelus could continue their gig.

Peter Wentz
Tim McIlrath
Jay Jancetic
Daniel Binaei
Adam Bishop
Timothy Miller
Christopher Gutierrez
Joe Trohman (in the last concert)
Patrick Stump (in the last concert)

[edit] Discography

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