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о гр.Baxter(eng)

Baxter is an institution. Their music - a vital piece of Chicago punk-rock history. For those who aren't familiar, the Baxter sound would perhaps be best labeled as post-hardcore, sometimes comparable to bands such as Fugazi, At The Drive-In, and Chicago's own Cap'n Jazz. Their aesthetic value, however, can not be put into such simple verbiage.

By the time these boys crept onto the Chicago underground scene in the late 90's they had conquered their backyard of northwest suburbia in such a way that was, to say the least, impressive. Crowds of youngsters packed into various VFW's and American Legion halls, pumping their fists and singing every word to songs like "Mandatory Option" and all-time crowd favorite "Redemption." The energy was astounding. Their full-length cassette "Troy's Bucket" (1996) encountered a warm reception all around Chicago and sales warranted immediate re-duplication. More frequent shows in the city and modest nation-wide touring ensued. In 1997, the band released the 7-inch "Lost Voices..." on Static Station Recordings. By this time, the band's following had grown exponentially.

This was proven when, in November of '97, Baxter played the sold-out Slapstick reunion show at the Fireside Bowl in Chicago. The band proceeded to blow away the crowd of over 400. The reaction they received rivaled that of the legendary headliners. It was obvious that, as long as the band continued, they would become a huge force. Instead, they broke up and went on to form the bands Rise Against, The Lawrence Arms and The Killing Tree.

Location:Chicago, IL United States

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