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Понедельник, 19.11.2018
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When done with passion, a live performance can be an inspiring force.

On very few occasions, a performance can be so passionate that everyone – from sweaty soldiers fighting it out in the mosh pit to people pumping their fists from seats in the back – is touched by it. On Saturday night, at the sold-out Bren Events Center, that performance came from Tim McIlrath of Rise Against.

For vocalist-guitarist McIlrath, the moment’s been a long time coming. In 2000, a group of musicians from Chicago’s underground punk scene emerged from the ashes of other bands. With McIlrath at the helm, the outfit began crafting melodic punk and hardcore with socially charged lyrics and themes.

Four albums, tons of touring and almost seven years later, Rise Against still hasn’t crossed over to the mainstream. Instead, the band has stayed true to the underground, and for that its fan base stays loyal and rabid – points easily observed when the quartet hit the stage in Irvine.

Playing a little over the hour mark, Rise Against – including guitarist Chris Chasse, bassist Joe Principe and drummer Brandon Barnes, cranked out an extensive, nonstop punk-rock pummeling ranging from early work to 2006’s “The Sufferer & the Witness.”

McIlrath flexed his politically charged songwriting muscle on cuts like “State of the Union,” “Blood-Red, White and Blue” and set closer “Prayer of the Refugee.”

With the relevance of the band’s weighty themes, it’s refreshing to see a few musicians in an oversaturated, often bubblegum scene take it upon themselves to pull off the near-impossible: Pass on a message to the youth without preaching while entertaining better than most in hard-core and punk rock.

Rise Against have mastered both and seems to only get better (and edgier) as time goes on

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